#517 - Black Opium & Vanilla

#517 - Black Opium & Vanilla

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A seductive and stimulating tribute to Epping Forest’s own ‘Master of Suspense'...Sir Alfred Hitchcock.

Known for masterpieces such as The Birds, Psycho and Vertigo, Hitchcock’s electrifying horror-thrillers and innovative camera craft revolutionised the genre. In front of camera, his gallows humour and witty murderous quips embodied his dark brilliance.

Hitchcock was born and raised at 517 Leytonstone High Road and spent his younger years beside the forest. He regularly frequented the area’s burgeoning cinema scene and his acclaimed directorial debut ‘The Lady Vanishes’ was shot in nearby Hoxton.  

Offering a hypnotic combination of intense black opium and enticing vanilla, this unique candle celebrates Hitchcock’s use of dramatic contrasts and mind-bending plotlines.

6oz scented candle. Handcrafted and hand-poured using natural plant wax from a sustainable source. This candle offers a long and clean burn. Low in soot. 6oz scented candle.